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"Edition made it incredibly easy to turn our customer base into an intimate community. As a one-person team, it took me only a few hours to set up everything I needed."

Neill Kramer

"This is what I've been waiting for. Finally, a product that allows me to create an all-encompassing support site."

Katie Harper

"Edition team is always quick to respond to my questions. I am definitely a fan of their customer ethics and really enjoy tinkering with the product."

Beju Shah

Built to empower your support team as you grow.

Features that allow end-to-end customer success, support, engagement, & customer satisfaction.

Mark 'Answers'

Replies marked as 'Answers' are highlighted for quick discovery.

Events & Webinar

Create & share events and webinar listing pages from a single platform.

Knowledge Base

Write & share Help articles right next to your Support Forum.


Moderator Notice

Accept, warn or reject any customer comment by adding a moderator notice to it.

Upvoting Channel

Collect ideas & feature requests from customers & allow the community to upvote.

Q&A Channel

Allow customers to ask questions and accept the answer to highlight it for others.

Subscribe to questions

Enable your customer to subscribe to a question & receive updates on it instantly.

Product Updates

Write & share product releases & updates right next to your support forum.

Instant Search

Site-wide instant search enables customers to find answers quickly.

Community sourced Answers

Support forum platform designed to empower your customers to share ideas, feedback & help each other

Integrate modern tools to scale faster

Our integrations with the most popular & trusted tools like Intercom, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, and Slack allow you to scale your support efforts easily.

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